The Princess of Time Releases Today! Also, announcing Books Three and Four in the Series.

Today is the day! Book Two in The Agents of Fate Series has finally been released on Amazon and the Hensley de Vere Press site. Distribution of the paperback and hardcover versions on other sites and booksellers is forthcoming.

The Princess of Time is an entry into the Series I am proud of. This story let me explore the humanity of characters we may have previously pictured as “super-human.” The twists and turns are numerous and the new threats are serious in their impact, both physically and emotionally. As always, one of the best features of the Series are the Easter Eggs, hidden meanings, and clues that can lead you further down the rabbit hole of formulating theories about the characters and the story. Make sure to explore the AOF WIKI pages to delve into the Agents of Fate universe. Post your theories on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram with hashtag #AOFtheories (I’m watching). While you’re there, feel free to follow me on TikTok at @cintrahasfallen (personal) and/or @tonycontratto (author profile).

Also, I am happy to announce the planned release dates for Books Three and Four in the Series. The Quickening and Descendants of Wrath will follow the release schedule of the first two books. The Quickening will come on July 14, 2024, with Descendants of Wrath following on November 2, 2024.

Stay tuned for an eventual announcement of Book Five, as well as additional side-story content.

On November 1 & 2, the first book in the series, Agents of Fate, will be FREE (Kindle Version). If you haven’t started the series yet, this is the perfect opportunity! Get it at Amazon (this link) before Midnight Pacific Time on 11/2/23.

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