The Seven Spells

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The power to cast the Seven Spells is one of the non-elemental powers bestowed on the Agents of Fate.

In 2022, with the rise of the cognizant one, this power is held by Tiffany Woolf.

List of the Seven Spells

  • Abarus
  • Tithethus
  • Emiratus
  • Prophesch’naya Con’di Ashante
  • Chantiatus
  • Youlvasius
  • Amal Esta Preavius

The Eighth Spell

In 54,000 BCE, Abbas used the combined magical abilities of his group to create an Eighth Spell. This spell was specifically for the banishment of the Alva’ci into a comatose state. This spell has only been used once in history.

As a result of using this spell, magical abilities disappeared from humans. The remnants of magical ability remained in a dormant state within 10 people. These dormant powers were passed down throughout the years and their presence kept the Alva’ci from re-emerging.

The Forbidden Spell

Lore tells of a Ninth Spell, referred to as the Forbidden Spell. The spell is de facto forbidden from use due to the fact that every person that has attempted casting it has died.

Hayden de Vere decided to use the forbidden spell during the events of The Princess of Time.

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